How To Choose The Best Hotel

It is always a challenging task to choose the right hotel with the large number of promotions, offers and programs being offered by different hotels. All hotels claim to be the best, and they have attractive websites with appealing photos and slick copy. They make you believe that you will step into the lap of luxury as soon as you enter the lobby of the hotel. However, it is up to you to conduct some research and find out whether a hotel is as good as its hype and also if it is the most suitable hotel for you.

What Matters Most?

Before you start searching for a hotel ask yourself a few questions like what type of accommodation you require and whether it will be within your budget or not. Does location trump the price or you are limited to hotels that charge $150 and less per night. If you want a hotel that has a spa and a fitness centre or would you prefer a smaller property which has a lot of local charm. Once you have decided on what your priority is then you can narrow down your search. Let us look at the most common factors that you should consider while choosing a hotel.


Most booking engines provide an option to choose your hotels by price. Do not limit yourself to the large booking engines like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz. You should also try out the smaller ones like,, and Always check for discount deals. Use the booking engines to check the availability of different options and test the rates of the hotels that seem appealing to you. Then you should go straight to the hotel’s website and book the room. Usually, hotel official websites offer the lowest rates compared to anywhere else. For more tips on booking hotels in Moncton please see our booking tips.


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What You Should Not Do At Your Hotel Or Vacation Rental

If you want to stay away from the large chains, then you are lucky because there is a broad range of option from B&B, small independent hotels and inns that cannot be found on the larger booking engines. You may need to use some ingenuity and invest time to find them. Information about vacation rentals and monasteries is available on the internet and if you want an entirely different experience then try out a tree house or cave hotel. You will find these if you search for unusual hotels in the US.

Most of the major booking engines allow you to choose the amenities that you want like a fitness centre, swimming pool or restaurant. It is, of course, easier to find the truly upscale and distinctive places to stay online.


All main booking sites provide the option to look at a map with each search result so that you can check which neighbourhood it is in or whether it is exactly on the beach. Some also provide the extra ability to search for and map a hotel about a particular point of interest. For instance, you want a hotel that is close to a business centre or the local zoo. It is also a good idea to try old-fashioned guidebooks to find hotels in particular locations. This is because the hotels are usually listed in these guide books by neighbourhood and plotted on a city map.  We have more Rental Tips here.


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Shade Hotel Redondo Beach Turnkey

Yes, another first post, the ones you see coming up all the time. Bla blah blah, this is my first post .   Well, this is our first post on the newly reconstructed shade hotel site.  We are going to be bringing you all kinds of topics not only about Shade Hotel but issues that you never think about when it comes to hotels.  If you have any questions at all, please give us a shout.

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